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Ok so on the news a few days ago, I heard the there was a release of the ALL NEW Nike Foamposite Galaxy! Here is a pic…


Alright…. Now idk about you but I don’t find those sneakers very attractive to wear (but they r nice for collecting). They never the less, attracted the fans of Nike, and caused a riot. Now here is what “http://www.3-mob.com/?p=4334” had to say about this story.

Riot police had to be called to maintain sanity at some malls in the USA when people rioted over the new Nike Jordan Foamposite Galaxy basketball sneaker that went on sale yesterday.

For instance at a mall in Florida up to 100 Policemen in riot gear armed with batons and tear gas lined up around the store, hoping to disperse the angry mob of about 1000 sneaker-heads.

The shoes usually sell for $220 a pair in the store but are already sold out. A bidding war has also erupted on eBay with several bids currently around $2,500.

Nike has always used shrewd marketing strategies, they are so good its almost like brainwashing and lately the riots for their sneakers just shows how dumb some people can be.The shoe has purple and blue galactic sky and glow-in-the-dark capabilities.

By the way does anyone know whatever happened to the Wall Street Rioters?



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